Can testicular cancer be cured if it has spread to the brain?

Does testicular cancer spread to the brain?

Brain – Testicular cancer may spread to the brain if the type of tumor is a choriocarcinoma. This type of tumor typically does not grow large, but can rapidly spread through the blood.

How often does testicular cancer spread to the brain?

Overall, 91% of the men had pulmonary metastases, with metastases to the liver in 20% and to the bone or brain in 10% each. They were followed up for a median of 21 months, with 185 (19%) men dying of testicular cancer in this time.

Can you survive testicular cancer if it has spread?

For testicular cancer that has spread outside the testicles to areas beyond the retroperitoneal lymph nodes, such as to the lungs or other organs, the survival rate is 73%. About 12% of testicular cancer is diagnosed at this stage.

Is metastatic testicular cancer curable?

Metastatic testicular cancer grows very rapidly and is uniquely curable with cisplatin combination chemotherapy. However, 2–3% of patients initially diagnosed with testicular cancer will experience a late relapse beyond 2 years of last therapy.

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How long can you live with untreated testicular cancer?

5 years is a common time point to measure survival. But some people live much longer than this. 5 year survival is the number of people who have not died from their cancer within 5 years after diagnosis.

Where is the first place testicular cancer spreads?

Therefore, testis cancer has a very predictable pattern of spread. The first place these cancers typically spread is to the lymph nodes around the kidneys, an area called the retroperitoneum.

Can late stage testicular cancer be cured?

Some types of recurring testicular cancer have a cure rate of over 95%. Recurrences that happen after previous combination chemotherapy can also be cured, but the chances of this will vary between individuals and you’ll need to ask your doctors to discuss this with you.

How do you know if testicular cancer has spread to the lungs?

Shortness of breath, chest pain, or a cough (even coughing up blood) may develop from cancer spread in the lungs. Belly pain, either from enlarged lymph nodes or because the cancer has spread to the liver. Headaches or confusion, from cancer spread in the brain.

Do your balls hurt if you have testicular cancer?

Symptoms of testicular cancer may include: A painless lump or swelling on either testicle. If found early, a testicular tumor may be about the size of a pea or a marble, but it can grow much larger. Pain, discomfort, or numbness in a testicle or the scrotum, with or without swelling.

Is testicular cancer bad?

While a cancer diagnosis is always serious, the good news about testicular cancer is that it is treated successfully in 95% of cases. If treated early, the cure rate rises to 98%. Although a man’s risk of getting it is 1 in 263, his chance of dying from the disease is only about 1 in 5,000.

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What is a man’s lifetime risk of dying from testicular cancer?

Because testicular cancer usually can be treated successfully, a man’s lifetime risk of dying from this cancer is very low: about 1 in 5,000 . If you would like to know more about survival statistics, see Testicular cancer survival rates.

What is the last stage of testicular cancer?

Symptoms of late-stage testicular cancer may include: Dull pain in the lower back and belly. Lack of energy, sweating for no clear reason, fever, or a general feeling of illness. Shortness of breath, coughing, or chest pain.