Is ER negative breast cancer bad?

What does ER negative mean in breast cancer?

Hormone receptor-negative breast cancer cells don’t have receptors for either estrogen (ER) or progesterone (PR). This means the cancer cells don’t grow in response to hormones. Hormone receptor-negative breast cancer accounts for about 25 to 30 percent of breast cancers.

Is ER negative good or bad?

Better-differentiated tumors are likely to be ER-positive and these ER-positive tumors have relatively better prognosis. Conversely, ER-negative tumors are more likely to be of higher histological grade, and the patients to have a decreased overall survival depending on age and lymph node status.

What does ER PR negative mean?

If breast cancer cells have estrogen receptors, the cancer is called ER-positive breast cancer. If breast cancer cells have progesterone receptors, the cancer is called PR-positive breast cancer. If the cells do not have either of these 2 receptors, the cancer is called ER/PR-negative.

Can the ER be negative?

The most important concern in testing for ER is false-negative results. These can occur from fixation times that are too short (< 6 h) or too long (weeks), decalcification and mercury-containing fixatives (B5), storage of unstained sections for more than 1 week, and insufficient antigen retrieval.

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What is the treatment for HER2-negative breast cancer?

Hormonal therapy is considered the standard initial treatment for HER2-negative metastatic breast cancer that is also hormone receptor-positive, and is often given in combination with targeted therapy. However, chemotherapy may also be given. A clinical trial may also be an option for treatment at any stage.

What does ER mean in breast cancer?

Hormone receptor-positive (or hormone-positive) breast cancer cells have either estrogen (ER) or progesterone (PR) receptors or both. These breast cancers can be treated with hormone therapy drugs that lower estrogen levels or block estrogen receptors.

Is ER positive good or bad?

About 70 percent of breast cancer patients have positive ER/PR hormone status. While being ER/PR-positive sounds bad, there’s actually a benefit.

Do you want HER2 to be positive or negative?

If the test is positive, it means you have HER2-positive cancer; if the test results are negative, it means you have HER2-negative cancer. HER2-negative cancer means either you have estrogen-positive cancer or progesterone-positive cancer.

What does HER2 negative mean?

Listen to pronunciation. (… NEH-guh-tiv) Describes cells that have a small amount or none of a protein called HER2 on their surface.

Can you be ER positive and PR negative?

Estrogen receptor status and progesterone receptor status

Breast cancers that are ER-positive tend to be PR-positive. And, cancers that are ER-negative tend to be PR-negative.

What does ER PR HER2 mean?

ER = estrogen receptor, Her2 = human epidermal growth factor receptor 2, PR = progesterone receptor.