Which hospital is best for prostate cancer?

Which is the best hospital for prostate surgery?


  • Apollo Hospital Delhi.
  • Medanta Hospital Gurgaon.
  • Max Hospital Delhi.
  • Jaslok hospital Mumbai.
  • Artemis hospital Gurgaon.
  • Fortis Hospital Gurgaon.

Who is the best prostate cancer surgeon?

Mark states that the robotic prostate surgery journey with Dr. David Samadi was an incredible experience. A surgeon who not only understands the whole procedure also someone who can guide a patient through the journey is of utmost importance.

Which prostate cancer treatment has least side effects?

HIFU allows men to avoid or live without such side effects for a period of time if they are ever to require whole gland treatment in the future. How patients recover: Done under general anesthesia, this is a well-tolerated outpatient procedure. It doesn’t require hormone therapy or radiation.

What is Andrologist doctor?

The physicians who specialize in treating men’s reproductive-related issues are known as Andrologists. Urologists, who specialize in male and female urinary system related problems, can also specialize in Andrology.

Who is the best urologist doctor in India?

List of the Best Urologist in India 2021

  • Dr. Sudhir Khanna (Urologist) (New Delhi)
  • Dr. Rajesh Ahlawat (Urologist) (New Delhi)
  • Dr. Rajiv Goel (Urologist) (Gurugram)
  • Dr. Mrinal Pahwa (Urologist) (New Delhi)
  • Dr. Parag Gupta (Urologist) (New Delhi)
  • Dr Rajinder Yadav (Urologist) (Delhi)
  • Dr. …
  • Dr.
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What is the most common surgical treatment for cancer of the prostate?

In this case, the goal of surgery is to remove all the cancer. The most common surgery for prostate cancer removes the entire prostate gland using a procedure called radical prostatectomy. Surgery may also be used as part of a multimodal approach to treating aggressive or metastatic prostate cancer.

What happens if you remove your prostate?

The general risks of any surgery include reactions to anesthesia, bleeding, blood clots, and infections. Other risks of prostate removal include infertility, ED (erectile dysfunction), urethral narrowing, urinary incontinence, and retrograde ejaculation—when semen flows into the bladder instead of out the urethra.

How do I choose a good urologist?

8 Tips for Choosing a Urologist

  1. Get Referrals. Start by asking your primary care doctor for a referral list of urologists. …
  2. Research the Urologist’s Credentials. …
  3. Consider the Urologist’s Experience. …
  4. Consider Gender. …
  5. Research Hospital Quality. …
  6. Evaluate Communication Style. …
  7. Read Patient Reviews. …
  8. Know What Your Insurance Covers.

Which Mayo Clinic is best for urology?

Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minn., is ranked No. 1 for urology in the U.S. News & World Report Best Hospitals rankings. Mayo Clinic in Phoenix/Scottsdale, Ariz., and Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville, Fla., are ranked among the Best Hospitals in the nation for urology by U.S. News & World Report.