Your question: What does Saturn in Cancer mean?

What does it mean if my Saturn is in Cancer?

Saturn in Cancer

Cancer energy is nurturing and emotional, and when Saturn is in this sign, your life can feel devoid of these comfy, cozy parts. Taking on a caregiver role can come naturally to you. Saturn’s task wants you to learn to honor your own emotions and practice self-care.

Is Saturn weak in cancer?

Saturn becomes weak in the sign of Aries cancer Leo and Scorpio, if it is in a planetary war with Mars and Sun and if it gets defeated in planetary war then also it gets weak and if Saturn is afflicted by Rahu and Ketu then also it is considered weak.

Which planet is lucky for cancer?

Cancer Lucky/Unlucky

Ruling Planet Moon
Symbol The Crab
Element Water
Colour Blue, Silver
Lucky Stones Moonstone, Pearl

Why is Saturn in Cancer bad?

Saturn’s desire for order and structure is challenged in the Cardinal Water sign of Cancer. Emotions must flow in this sign, but Saturn prefers dry control to wet uncertainty. The challenge of Saturn in Cancer is to respect emotions without blocking them or allowing them to spill into every area of life.

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Is Saturn exalted in Cancer?

Moon is exalted in Taurus. … Jupiter is exalted in Cancer. Saturn is exalted in Libra. Uranus is exalted in Scorpio.

What is Saturn the ruler of?

Ruling Planet: Saturn

Saturn rules Capricorn, and Capricorns love rules. Saturn represents responsibility, hard work and determination. Some call it the taskmaster of the planets, keeping everyone in check and ensuring direct routes to the finish line.

What are the qualities of Saturn?

Looking at its characteristics/traits/significances; it represents hard work, patience, perseverance, discipline, administrative skills, management skills, lawfulness, dutifulness, justice, analytical abilities, meditation, spiritual growth, wisdom, sincerity, authority, rational thinking, practical nature, governess, …

What are the effects of Saturn?

The effects of Saturn on human beings are many-fold. Shani is a planet of obstruction, distress, depression, sorrow, sickness and is capable of bringing adversaries in a human’s life. One finds it very difficult during its phase; one may find yourself strangled, restless and depressed.

How do I keep my Saturn happy?

Make donation a part of your life. Feeding the poor is one of the best remedies for Planet Saturn. Donate food on your birthday or other special occasions in your life. You can also donate food in a temple.

What color is lucky for Cancer?

For any Cancer born individual, white, cream, silver, red, and lemon yellow can prove lucky in 2021. Your ruling planet is the moon, and so these colours can best suit your sign.

What is the lucky colour for Cancer tomorrow?

Cancer tomorrow luck will be great if you consider olive green all day as that’s your lucky colour for the day. Cancer tomorrow luck can, however, be more powerful if you trying being grounded as much possible.

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Is 2021 good for Cancer?

Yearly Horoscope 2021 Cancer: Read Cancer yearly horoscope predictions for love, marriage, career, kids. The year 2021 will be a mixed year for Cancer natives. At the beginning of the year, you will see growth in the business and career, you will expect to get good orders, which will increase your business.